Rules for use of DTH drilling tools are what should pay attention to


Is now a lot of places is the need for the drilling, and drilling is also need to use professional DTH drilling tools, of course, use of DTH drill general staff is trained, such ability won't out of accident. But a lot of people don't know to use rule started operation, that is very dangerous. First, when we use DTH drilling tools, is the need for the chisel cave room ready, first, of course, as to the specifications of the cavity is we need to take into account the borehole method. Sometimes we are digging horizontal hole, and sometimes we are cut down, for the borehole in different ways, we need to use the DTH drilling tools have some difference. Second, in the use of DTH drilling tools, we also need to use other tools, so need to put the gas conduit road near our work, so that when we have demand can directly use. Of course, sometimes people design different, hole type is also different, we are many conditions and factors need to be taken into account. Third, in the use of DTH drilling tools after work, you must first check the water pipe connection strong weak, also have to check it if there is any air leakage. In addition to check the situation, we should also see if oiler inside filled with the oil, and of course if there's any loose screws, joint of also is very important. Fourth, we in the use of DTH drill hole before, we will first give started the motor, if the motor running normally, we throw manipulator can be used to promote. Our thrust to appropriate also, of course, only in this way can better work.

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