Concrete pavement milling toot
The characteristics of the milling and planing tools in the concrete pavement: the design of the 1 cylindrical alloy and the sharp part increases the efficiency of milling and planing. Suitable machine model: SS35C for small power milling machine 1m and the following milling planing drum; for SS622C large power of the milling machine, 1.5m~2m milling drum. Application: used in cement pavement and reinforced concrete milling and picking operation.

Concrete pavement milling tooth type

Milled asphalt (durable)
Milling asphalt type (durable) pavement milling tool itself characteristics: 1 to increase the size of the knife body, increase the wear resistance of the tool, in the harsh conditions, wear a smaller tool life longer! 2 the application of more extensive, applicable to the asphalt pavement and most of the concrete pavement. For machine type: suitable for PL2100, W2100 and other large power milling machine; use milling at 2m above the hub. Suitable for pavement: used for milling all kinds of asphalt pavement and water stable layer of concrete pavement, milling depth of up to 30cm.

Milled asphalt (durable)

Milled asphalt (Feng Lixing)
Milling asphalt (Feng Lixing) pavement milling tool itself characteristics: 1 knife body is small, milling sharp. 2. With discharging groove cutter, the disassembly is more convenient, applicable machine types: PL2000. PL2100, W1900 to W2100 etc. in high power milling machine, applicable milling and planing drum width: as. Application of pavement: used for milling and planing soft, medium and hard asphalt pavement and water stable layer of road surface, suitable for milling depth

Milled asphalt (Feng Lixing)

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