Coal drill coal seam drilling needs regular maintenance


At present our country's coal industry development is very good, and the speed of development is more and more fast, of course China's demand for coal drill is also very big. Many places are need to use coal drill bits, but we are in the process of using it is also the need for regular maintenance, so that to ensure the service life of equipment. Actually bit type is many, and different types of drill bit also have their own characteristics, but if we don't have a good coal bit it is also easy to damage. Coal industry itself is relatively easy to damage the equipment, if we just use and do not pay attention to maintenance, that it won't be long before the equipment should be retired. Of course of coal drill for maintenance is still a lot to consider, when we use in the process of drilling bit, be sure to guarantee its cooling capacity, but also to use drilling fluid, drilling fluid nor too little. There are many places for the drilling accuracy requirement is high, this requires a bit has very good rigidity. If coal bit rigid is not good, the work efficiency is not high, and we in the use of coal drill bits, also want to guarantee smoothness between magnetic bridge and workpiece, cleanliness, of course, is also very important. If the end of our work, then you need to adjust the feed coal drill. Of course, there are many places is relatively difficult to drill, such as large coal seam, such a situation, we must first to coal bit reinforcement, only reinforcing good, after such use it won't work out the problem. Want to better work, we need regular maintenance, so you can use for a longer time.

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