Matters needing attention of hydraulic hammer drill rod


Drill rod we are not unfamiliar, and the type of the drill rod is a lot of, the use of the hydraulic hammer drill rod is very broad, many places you need to use the hydraulic hammer drill rod. But we are in the use of tools, also want to know the correct method of use, this can avoid the consequences of improper operation. First, we want to know the use of hydraulic hammer drill rod, and we have to lower the same direction, only in this way can avoid steel skid. Before use, of course, the best to adjust steel is good, so equipment is stable, the work is also relatively stable rest assured, if broken to adjust in a timely manner. Second, in the process of using the drill rod is actually has a lot of skill, we can appropriate to the dint, this will make us broken hammer efficiency a lot. In addition we also need to constantly adjust the location of the broken, we can't always in the same place of broken rock, we also need to constantly move. Third, continuous work in the same place broken is easy to cause the steel temperature, we also need to properly reduce the hardness of it, otherwise work efficiency is low. Said although the steel is relatively strong, but we can't use it as leverage, even with the device in the water, we also don't want to work in the water. Fourth, while the hydraulic hammer, but also can't dive, in many cases, work is the cause of the water hammer damage occurs. If they are to leave the equipment, we have to reduce the forearm, first we need to determine whether our equipment safety, we determine to leave again.

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