What are the common types of DTH drill bits


In coal industry, we often need to drill hole, while the DTH drill is inseparable from the tool. But in some cases need DTH environment is different, we need the DTH drill bit type is also different, so can better exert the characteristic of child. But we also need to understand the different types of, so as to choose the right equipment. The first type, end convex More common is the end of the convex type, but also has two forms of this type, it also has a single convex sets, there are two convex appended below. For large diameter DTH drill bits are generally use of the latter, of course the latter drilling speed will be faster, but the hole straightness is some difference, after all. Second, planar Planar is very strong and very durable, mainly used in very hard rock. Of course, if is not very tall to the requirement of straightness can also use the planar, it is not suitable for hard rock, is suitable for is the softness of rock hardness in the fire. The third type, end face deep concave center Face deep concave center type drill is generally through the ball tooth drill head type evolved. But this type of is on sight, it is deep concave boundary, it can effectively guarantee the hole of the straightness, both can be used in rock hardness, and can be used in soft rock. DTH bit types are that, through the above introduction, whether you for common types of DTH drill bits there are some understand? If you have the need, must take into account their own needs, so you can choose to the appropriate type.

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