The tools of drill rod drilling work


Drill is a kind of related to drilling tools, it is generally used for mine projects. So, what is the role of it? Its role is as a connected to the bit and drilling machines and tools. This tool there are many kinds of type, but mine engineering is generally use hexagonal hollow steel type or hollow round steel type. Hexagonal hollow steel mainly is to look at the inside diameter, and the hollow round steel mainly is to look at the outside diameter. Hexagon inscribed circle diameter is 22 mm and 25 mm, and hollow cylindrical diameter is 32 mm and 38 mm. And steel can be divided into the finished steel and forging steel. The finished steel, just as its name implies, is not to want what processing or step can be produced. In fact, it is given a length, then according to the length of the forging, the last in the installed directly on the drill head chisel eye. And forging steel nature is not so convenient. It needs to be hollow hexagonal steel cut, reoccupy soldering machine on its head and tail, the last to mount drill bit chisel. These are all part of it's very important for the drill rod. We at work often used as a type of alloy steel head, because it is in addition to have good functional, the price is not high, its cost is low, and the specifications of the drill bit is usually 36 mm to 44 mm. Now for mining tools to buy is not so easy. , as long as you search to the net drill rod page immediately jump out of a lot of companies advertising, so want to good gratified we'd better look at the books or is related to the net on the BBS to see, don't be cheated by some companies advertising, if really nervous in the heart, also can ask someone else.

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